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I am not taking on new clients right now but if I were here are some of the things I would tell them at our first meeting:

It is a privilege to become my client because my clients also typically become my lifetime friends.

On the other hand there have been many times when people have signed up for personal training and just never showed up again. They payed me upfront and just disappeared.

But my "Real " Clients are my lifetime friends!

There are a few rules in my gym:
Politics and Profanity Prohibited!
(This is a holy place and all about Health and Fitness)
Burbing and Grunting Encouraged!
Flatulence and Regurgitation Discouraged!

Yes ! I love humor! Makes me Happy!

My goal for myself and my clients is to be Happy Healthy and Strong!

So that we can enjoy a good quality of life!

If you unscramble the word SILENT you get LISTEN!

Yes we can joke around or talk about appropriate things but if you want to get your money's worth you should be listening to your body and developing body awareness so you can become your own "mechanic.

Also you need to listen to your coach. That's me. Usually behind every great athlete is a great coach. So listen to my cues. If I tell you stop - Stop! Don't tell me 1 more!

Understand that personal training is an educational process. And I have a lot to teach you. We don't know what we don't know! And that goes for me as well.

Regardless what your goals are we have to start with the basics and make sure there aren't any 'leaks' in your kinetic chain.

Perfect Posture
"Too much forward posture and internal rotation in this world.
Now is the time to change that! "

How to lift and carry things properly .

Overall balance:
Spiritual Mental Nutrition Strength Training Cardiovascular.

Fundamental purpose of strength training is to achieve overall balance of the muscles tendons ligaments and joints - then if you want to lift heavyweights or play sports you will be ready.

I do research usually every day for myself and my clients to figure out the Safest way to achieve our goals.

I joke with my clients that "they benefit from my suffering."

I have learned the most from my set backs and traumas!

The more I learn the more I realize that I don't know nothing for sure!

There ain't no rules. Just theories.

There is one exception - We can't make something from nothing. Only G-d can do that!

Stay Happy Healthy and Strong!

(if you want to get on my waiting list send me an email explaining why I should take you on as a client and friend.)

Richard Walters, Masters in Education
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Since 1998

Rich can be contacted at: (412)-414-3767. You may also email Rich at 16minbody@gmail.com

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